Save at the Grocery without Clipping Coupons

Are you interested in saving money at the grocery but unsure how to go about it? Maybe it all seems a little intimidating. Perhaps you just don’t have the time needed to cut out all of those coupons, match them up to sales, and store them in a way that you will actually be find them when you need them. It can definitely be overwhelming, especially for the beginner. Luckily, it really doesn’t have to be all that difficult to save some serious dough at the supermarket and beyond!

Don’t Buy What You Don’t Need

I know, this one seems a little obvious but most who are starting out with coupons fall into this trap in one of two ways. Either they buy things that they already have due to poor organization, or they buy something they don’t really need or don’t even eat just because they have a coupon on it. Before you even step into the store it is imperative to know what you have, what you need, and what you plan on doing with it.  We will be talking about meal planning in a later post but for now, it is important to have a basic understanding of what you plan on getting for the week and only buying for about a week or so. If you are interested in stockpiling or have extra coupons on something consider donating to local homeless shelters or helping to set up a free store/locker at a local park or another area where those who are in need can pick up basic items like toothpaste, tampons, canned food,  etc. This can be a great way to save money on things you need and help others at the same time!

Have a Plan

When is the last time you walked into a store and saved a ton of money without knowing exactly what you were buying? I’m going to say that it’s probably a safe bet that it isn’t something that happens often. Rather than having those bulky papers to go through for store after store to come up with a plan I highly suggest an app called Flipp. This app brings all of the ads and weekly specials from your favorite stores to one place. Once you know what is on sale in your area you can begin matching up the coupons available to you with the sales. Your meal plan can be done before or after you look through specials. This is a personal preference. Personally, I like to know what I have in my pantry, what is on sale, and what I need before coming up with my meal plans for the week. This will help to maximise your savings because you will only be purchasing things that you know you have a coupon or rebate on and you will be able to tailor your shopping list around seasonal items that will be at a lower price than other things. ( This is especially helpful for meats, vegetables, and other things that are hard to find coupons for )

Finding Coupons Without Those Newspapers

Did you know that a lot of the coupons available to you can be sent directly to your shopper’s card? I shop at Kroger and often just need the little store card on my keys and my cell phone. No clipping, no sorting, and no hassle! Through the Kroger app, you can look through coupons available and choose the ones that you would like to use. Simply apply the coupon to your card with the click of a button and you are all set! When your card is scanned to take off the sale prices at the end of your order any coupons you have matching items for will be applied to the total as well. There are other coupon apps available such as Cellfire. However, I have found many of these to be less reliable and kind of a time waster compared to store apps such as Krogers.

Saving with Rebate Apps

I am a huge fan of rebate apps like iBotta. While the savings aren’t as instant as using a digital coupon it really begins to add up quickly. I’ve already added up over $50 from using the app just a few months. With rebate apps like iBotta, you scan your receipt after shopping and match up any items that you purchased to receive the coupon amount back into your account. There are others available like Checkout 51, but I personally have had the most luck with iBotta. A third one, named Shopkick, is fun because you don’t even have to buy anything. You can earn points simply by being in the store. This app is used to get free gift cards rather than cash back, but points add up really quickly!

Savings Catcher

If you are a Walmart shopper you have yet another way to save money! If you haven’t tried their savings catcher yet you absolutely have to. I have made so much with this simple tool that I have used it to buy video games, snacks, and much more. It is so easy to use and takes absolutely no planning on your part. In essence, once you have finished shopping at Walmart you scan your receipt into the app and submit to the savings catcher. After it is processed they will alert you if there are any lower prices anywhere and give you the difference back.

What Savings Apps Do You Use?

Have you used any of the apps listed or a different one? I would love to hear your tricks and tips for saving at the grocery without clipping coupons! Drop us a comment below and share your favorites! Don’t forget we do have coupons available in our grocery coupon section that can be clipped or downloaded to your card as well! Happy Shopping!

How to save money at the grocery without clipping a single coupon

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  • I use the Safeway and Kroger app all the time. I cannot believe how much money I can save.