Halloween Has Arrived at Think Geek

Do you have your costume picked out yet?

I know I don’t… so many to choose from this year!

If we had to pick just one thing to geek out about here at Dorky Mamas it would be Halloween. It’s just so much fun!

Think Geek is definitely geeking out about Halloween and we couldn’t be more excited.

With everything from costumes to props they have what you need for a geekily unique and awesome Halloween this year.

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We are in Love With:


Feisty Pets Halloween Black Cat

Feisty Pets Halloween Black Cat

It’s hard to tell what cats are thinking at any given time. Do they genuinely like you or are they just reminding you that the kibble in the bowl is no longer sufficiently fresh? Do they really want you to pet the furry belly, or are they luring you into a trap? Is there a catmergency in the other room or is Admiral Fluffyknickers just lonely? The world may never know..


Halloween Kitty Skater Dress - Multi, L


Halloween Kitty Skater Dress – Multi, L


Nothing screams “Halloween!” like orange pumpkins and black cats! But something screamed it real loud and spooked the little kitties on this dress, making all their floofy little hairs stand right up on end. Now that’s a furball!Getting into the Halloween spirit doesn’t always mean getting into a complicated costume. Keep it simple and on-theme with this Halloween Kitty Skater dress, featuring fluffy startled black cats and round orange pumpkins on a grey background…


Plush Wings for Kids T-Shirt - Butterfly, Butterfly


Plush Wings for Kids T-Shirt – Butterfly, Butterfly

Does your little one dream about taking flight? Do they stare up at birds and airplanes, stick their tiny arms out, and zoom around the yard imagining the day when they can take off into the great blue sky? Make a small part of their dreams come true this Halloween by giving them a set of their very own wings. These Plush Wings for Kids make for the perfect Halloween outfit, especially when paired with easy, everyday clothes…

Betsey Johnson Going Batty Crossbody Purse

Betsey Johnson Going Batty Crossbody Purse

Whether you love Halloween, vampires, Batman, EverQuest, or just need a little fun to go with your outfit, you’ll love the Going Batty Crossbody Purse.This bag can add an adorable or edgy look to any style, plus it’s versatile enough for holidays or cosplay. The cross-body strap has a partial chain, for a bit of shimmer. Also, that way folks can hear you coming. Sometimes being too sneaky in the wrong company can get you staked through the heart..

Creepy Severed Body Parts - Leg


Creepy Severed Body Parts – Leg

There is no shortage of spare body parts flying around the television these days. From crime dramas to zombie shows, those props departments must be working overtime to supply life-like body parts (okay, maybe “life-like” isn’t the right descriptor here). Now you can have a few spare body parts lying around, too. Whether for your Halloween party or an upcoming theatre production, these Creepy Severed Body Parts are the perfect props to lend a hand… or a foot..


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